Tell me and I forget... Teach me and I remember... Involve me and I will learn !!!








Interactive Classroom Adoption Trajectory

An Interactive Classroom

Innovation-Implementation-Inspiration cycle.


We believe in the “Circle of Innovation”, because there is no end point to Innovation.


“Blue” colour also signifies the limitless-ness (open-ness) of our learning, bounded by circle but without any limits in our innovations.


Colour “Green” signifies the productivity & innovation of our Ideas, Products & Services.

The green colour is colour of nature, a most restful colour for human eye and symbolizes growth and black colour is associated with power and symbolizes blackboard which is a key to learning.


Smart Skooling is all about smart learning in smart way, which is through online and offline.


Therefore these both colours are used to represent the education which enables a kid grow smart with the power of wholesome learning.


Smart Skooling represents computer as the first point to understand it is a medium for education.


The computer also represents the two 'SS' from Smart Skooling were one is reversed to represent a computer.


Our philosophy : Thought-word-action cycle The 'Thought' of 1(Divine) and the 'Fertility' of 2 (Duality) results in the 'Creativity' of 3.


Characteristics of 3: Frank, Forceful & Motivating.

We expect that the “Bubbles of Inspiration” will keep on increasing in size, as hidden clock keeps ticking.


The “Orange” colour signifies the energy and vibrancy, we want to continue to inspire and get inspiration in our Innovations.

Continuing with the “Teacher-Student interaction” in Class-room with facilitating “out-of-school” learning, as well.


Help student  becomes the centre for learning and teacher becomes  a facilitator.


Ensure that teachers & parents have insight to the student’s learning activities on a regular basis and in real time.


Paper Based Learning Processes,  No classroom technology or digital content

Sporadic Student Access,  LMS or Admin tools, One PC or device in classroom Computer lab, mobile lab, some digital content, no interactive tools

Teacher Centric,  LTeacher uses technolgy like PC, interactive whiteboards LMS System

Student Centric,  All students have access to devices, digital

content and software.

Sporadic Teacher Access,  LMS or Admin tools, One PC or device in classroom

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