Q.1 What is this product?

Ans. Smartskooling is an e-learning product for student from grade I to grade VIII. It’s an online portal which provides fully-interactive animated modules with extra resources and assessment.

Q.2 How is this product going to help our children?

Ans. Well with smartskooling a kid can explore the world of digital education. Interactive animated videos will help him to learn various key concepts. He/she can customise his/her syllabus as per school syllabus. He will be exploring extra resouyrces which will enhance and enrich his knowledge. Last but not the least he/she can assess himself/herself with the test papers and performance analytics.

Q.3 Is this product new in market ?

Ans. Yes…this kind of product is unique in the market

Q.4 Do this product comes in CD's or DVD's ?

Ans. No this product is not available on CD/DVD.

Q.5 Are books also available for this product?

Ans. No books are not available as of now.

Q.6 Where can I buy this product?

Ans. Just CLICK HERE and choose your grade to subscribe to our product.

Q.7 What all things I will get in this product?

Ans. You will get 1 year of subscription of the subjects you choose. For Grade (I – III) you will get EVS, English and Mathematics as a package. For Grade (IV – VIII) you will get Science, Social Science, English and Mathematics as a package.

Q.8 What is the company name ?

Ans. Company name is I3 Education India Pvt. Ltd. It’s an Indian Company. Our product name is SmartSkooling

Q.9 Is this product going to cover the whole syllabus of our kid ?

Ans. Smartskooling is mapped to CBSE/NCERT and other stateboards. So we assure you that you will find most of the content

Q.10 Where is this company located ?

Ans. I3 Education India Pvt. Ltd is located in Hyderabad.

Q.11 How is this product is an value add ?

Ans. This product is a value add in many ways like It will teach your kid all what he/she needs according to his/her school syllabus but in a very entertaining form also your kid can explore all the resources all by himself/herself in our product on top that he/she can asses his/her performance with test papers.

Q.12 What all subjects do you cover ?

Ans. Currently, we have covered EVS, Science, Social Science, English and Mathematics.

Q.13 Are there any discount available?

Ans. An Inaugural offer is available you can see it on our website. Please use the speicifed code for discount.

Q.14 Is there any basic system requirement ?

Ans. Its an online Learning management system so the basic requirement is good internet connectivity and a sytem with basic configuration with browser like chrome,firefox, opera, safari etc.

Q.15 Can I access this product from my mobile ?

Ans. For full interactive mode and enriched graphics please use our LMS in desktop only.

Q.16 If I face any problem regarding the product who do I contact and how?

Ans. You can contact our technical team. Also, you can send us feedback on info@smartskooling.com

Q.17 What type of internet connection is required for your product ?

Ans. Normal broadband connection is recommended.

Q.18 What type of tablet you will provide if we opt for tablet package ?

Ans. We will provide a windows based tablet with our LMS.

Q.19 What is the validity period of this product ?

Ans. Your subscription is valid for 1 academic year.

Q.20 Does this product gets activated once I purchase?

Ans. Yes this product will activate within 8 hours.

Q.21 This product is meant for which classes ?

Ans. This product is meant for students from Grade I to Grade VIII.

Q.22 Will we get a free trial for this product ?

Ans. To get hands-on experience with our product just CLICK HERE.

Q.23 Which URL do I use to login as a client?

Ans. Please CLICK HERE if you already purchased the product.

Q.24 Can I purchase this product for multiple login ?

Ans. No, each subscription is for single user only.

Q.25 What payment methods can I use ?

Ans. You can pay us through online payment via the payment gateway when you checkout.

Q.26 How much I have to pay for a grade ?

Ans. For Grade I – III —> Rs 6000 and for Grade IV – VIII —–> Rs 8000. For more details CLICK HERE. Also, don’t forget to use the Inaugural offer code for a discount

Q.27 What does Fully Interactive modules mean ?

Ans. In a fully interactive module a user can get himself/herself involved in the process of learning. HE/SHE can learn in his/her own pace, also if he/she gets stuck in middle of somewhere he can again recollect the forgotten information and can move forward.

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