Grade I – III


Subjects included: 

  • EVS
  • English
  • Mathematics
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Subjects included:

Each Tablet will consist of 26 chapters:

  • EVS        -    10 Chapters
  • Maths    -      8 Chapters
  • English  -      8 Chapters

Product Features:

  • Tablet Provided: iBall Brisk 4G2 Tablet (Total Cost Includes Price Of Tablet)
  • Fully Interactive Animated Modules.
  • Fully mapped with NCERT and CBSE syllabus and also with various stateboard text books and publications.
  • Resources like YouTube Videos, Wikipedia, and Web Links etc.
  • Interesting Facts & Figures, Summary, Glossary, and Project Activities ...all at one place.
  • QUESTION & ANSWERS with Performance Analytics.
  • Best user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) for students for learning.


Select/Create your own chapters/syllabus from our ONLINE LIBRARY . We will install these chapters in your customised TABLET and ship it to you. Till then, enjoy our ONLINE experience !!!

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Note To Subscriber

  • One time online authentication is required for activation of the product.
  • In case of excess /extra payment made, the same will be refunded within 15-20 days after notification by the subscriber and verification by the company and bank.