Tell me and I forget... Teach me and I remember... Involve me and I will learn !!!

  • Highly Interactive Audio/Visual courses, based on each textbook chapter.

  • Huge collection of extra resources, with timely updates & upgrades.

  • Test series & practice questions, with timely updates & upgrades.

  • Customize your own syllabus, based on your own textbooks.

  • Discussion & Chat forums, in online version.

How are we different from others (for Schools)

  • Even with lack of proper internet connectivity & bandwidth issues, our OFFLINE version works as  well...after a one time installation, unlike others !!!

  • Our whole curriculum and content has been fully mapped on NCERT and CBSE syllabus…with major  school textbooks also used for developing a more comprehensive & fully inclusive content,  developed from KEY CONCEPTS level onwards, in the chapter format…the way it is being taught in schools, unlike others !!!

  • Each school can CUSTOMISE their own syllabus based on the list of chapters provided for each subject  and grade, unlike others !!!

  • Our course content is the best interactive animated content available, to keep the student motivated  and involved, and self-driven by the users, unlike others !!!

  • Users are encouraged to explore the external whole web world…through our relevant age/grade  specific links to resources like YouTube videos, Wikipedia, Web links etc. to explore within and outside  our learning world, unlike others !!!

  • Our resources include Interesting Facts & Figures, Summary, Glossary, Project Activities, ...all at one  place within  each chapter’s framework, unlike others !!!

  • The best user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS)  for Teachers & Students for teaching, learning & evaluation & for the School Admin to assign, manage & evaluate each teacher as well to evaluate  learning effectiveness of each student, subject & grade wise, unlike others !!!



How are we different from others (for Students)

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